Why Action

Action Intelligence

Like many home-grown New Zealand success stories, Action Manufacturing has an inventive streak.

Whether it’s world-first technology, superior product and material design, or innovations that set our Action vehicles apart, the company has a long list of accomplishments. This is Action Intelligence at work and it’s built-in to every vehicle that rolls off our factory floor.

Why would anybody settle for a motorhome of less intelligence?

Action Innovations

Key Design Features

Industry Leading Manufacturing

Having built more than 15,000 motorhomes for the New Zealand rental market, Action has learnt a thing or two about manufacturing. That’s why every Action motorhome comes to life under one roof. From planning to design to the final build, it’s the only way to have 100% control over quality. At the end of the day, this means a better vehicle with greater durability, value and enjoyment for you, the customer.

Omnipanel - one panel to rule them all

Everywhere you look on board an Action motorhome you’ll see superior build quality. However, some ingenuity is less obvious, such as the Omnipanel wall and floor systems.

Made from styrofoam sandwiched between fibreglass, it is stronger, lighter and has water resistance and thermal qualities beyond anything else on the market. What’s more, the Action’s Omnipanel floors are fully sealed to prevent moisture or dust compromising the vehicle’s integrity - or your comfort.

Fuel Saving Aerodynamics

Our unique Omnipanel body allows us to employ industry leading aerodynamics in the form of a sloping roof. This combined with the lighter weight of Omnipanel results in greater fuel economy.

Tested in real world scenarios, Action's transport vehicles featuring the same style aerodynamics roof have achieved fuel savings upwards of 15% over traditional shaped vehicles. 



Made in-house using superior cam and dowel construction, the Action motorhome cabinetry also combines ABS plastic sealed panelling on exposed surfaces to resist moisture penetration.

Made with solid 15mm sustainable plywood, cabinetry is thick, strong, won’t warp and will last for many years to come. Those with an eye for detail will notice Hafele hardware complements the cabinetry while further inspection reveals there are no raw edges on floors to encourage water absorption, rot or termites.

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