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Why action? The simple answer is – nobody knows motorhomes better.

New Zealand owned and operated, Action is Australasia’s largest quality vehicle specialiser – manufacturing and modifying transportation for the tourism, freight, medical and emergency fields.

In fact, we’re the leading manufacturer of motorhomes and campervans in New Zealand having built over 15,000 - more than any other vehicle manufacturer in the Southern Hemisphere.

Our aim with the Action range is to deliver a higher quality, better value motorhome that represents all the Action Intelligence our team has developed throughout many years of experience.

No other company is more qualified to know what works for our unique conditions than Action, the team that makes New Zealand’s most popular, best-performing rental motorhomes including Britz, Maui and Kea.

An Action is a motorhome that’s built both rental tough and street smart. It’s the best of both worlds – performance, comfort and unique features in a vehicle known to outlast the competition and hold its value. We reckon that’s an unstoppable combination.

Factory Direct

Because it comes highly specced straight from the factory, an Action motorhomes long list of ‘as standard’ features means you won’t spend additional thousands on upgrades.

Built Rental Tough

Choosing an Action motorhome gives you the comfort of knowing its design and hi-tech systems have been tested by thousands of customers over literally millions of kilometres. In fact, there probably isn’t a highway, road, back street or mountain track in New Zealand where an Action vehicle hasn’t been. That experience has resulted in a vehicle built to go the distance in style, in any weather - and hold its value.

Local knowledge, local warranties, nationwide service network

With more than 70 years experience, Action has developed relationships with many local companies and businesses that share our passion for quality and service. So you can rest assured that assistance is never far away in the unlikely event your Action motorhome ever needs it. 

NZ’s Most Experienced Vehicle Specialiser

For emergency, mobility, security, refrigeration and tourism, we design and deliver clever bespoke transport solutions that function beautifully to make a real difference for customers – saving time, money and lives.

Our advantage is a combination of proven volume manufacturing capability, coupled with a well-embedded design-led culture and relentless attitude towards quality.

History of success

Over the past 75 years, Action has gained strength from being under the same umbrella as two iconic partners, Tourism Holdings Ltd (THL) and Kea Manufacturing – both of whom understand our country’s landscape, climate and recreational lifestyle needs as well as anyone.

250 team members, across three New Zealand locations, work towards one goal – improving lives and businesses by creating clever mobile spaces. We enable our customers – from big business to individuals, here and internationally - to save money, operate with more efficiency and travel in greater safety, comfort and style.

Action intelligence

At Action, the team prides itself on challenging the status quo. This interrogation of convention has led to new standards, many of which have been adopted as world best practice. Over time, this has come to be known as “Action Intelligence.”

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